Distribution of shares in AcadeMedia AB 2008

At an extraordinary general meeting on 6 November 2008 it was decided to distribute Bure’s total holding of shares in AcadeMedia.

For each multiple of 10 Bure shares, one AcadeMedia share was received.

The acquisition value of a AcadeMedia share is 26 per cent of the acquisition value of a Bure share. The new acquisition value of a Bure share is, therefore, 74 per cent of the original value.

Summary of tax considerations in Sweden
The distribution of AcadeMedia shares is made under the Lex ASEA provisions and will thus not result in any immediate taxation. The tax basis of the shares in Bure giving entitlement to the distribution shall be allocated between these shares and the AcadeMedia shares received.

Information about the distribution of AcadeMedia shares 2008

Press release 15 Dec 2008 regarding distribution of acquisition value betw Bure and AcadeMedia