Reverse share split 2007

The Annual General Meeting of Bure Equity AB on 26 April 2007 resolved in favour of a consolidation of shares, also known as a reverse share split (1-for-10).

This meant that every ten existing shares were consolidated into one new share. The value of one share after consolidation, excluding price changes, will be equal to that of ten shares prior to consolidation. As a result, only the number of shares outstanding will change.

If a shareholder held 1,000 shares prior to consolidation she/he would hold 100 shares after consolidation. Following consolidation each share will have a value, excluding price changes, that is ten times higher than prior to consolidation.

The record date for the reverse share split at VPC (the Nordic Central Securities Depository) was 6 July 2007.

Information reverse share split 1 for 10