Share redemption 2007

A resolution on the redemption procedure was passed by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Bure on 3 september 2007.

Summary of the redemption offer

Redemption right
For each share in Bure, the holder will receive one redemption right

Redemption procedure
10 redemption rights entitle the holder to redeem one share in Bure

Redemption amount
SEK 54.00 per share

Tax issues in regarding the Share Redemption Programme 2007

The receipt of redemption rights does not give rise to any taxation. Taxation only occurs when shares are redeemed or the redemption rights are sold.

Redemption of shares
Redemption of shares is equal to sale of the shares and is then subject to taxation. Capital gain or capital loss is calculated by the difference between the redemption price (selling price), SEK 54 per tendered share, and the acquisition cost for the tendered share. When calculating the acquisition cost per tendered share the acquisition cost per share is considered at the average acquisition cost of all shares of the same kind, calculated with regard to occurred changes in the holding time. To this adjusted average acquisition cost per tendered share in Bure the purchase price of bought redemption shares should be added. Alternatively, the so called Standard method can be used. This method means that the acquisition cost is calculated as 20 percent of the redemption price.

Disposal of redemption rights
Taxation according to capital gains rules are applied on the disposal of redemption rights. Redemption rights acquired through holdings of shares in Bure Equity AB is considered purchased for SEK 0. Tax on capital gains is therefore applicable on the disposal of redemption rights, after deduction of sales costs. The Standard method can not be used to determine the acquisition cost for a redemption right that has been received through holdings of shares in Bure Equity AB.

Share redemption 2007

Press release 18 October 2007 – outcome in voluntary share redemption