Anew Learning acquires schools in Gothenburg

Bure’s group of independent schools, Anew Learning, has acquired 100 per cent of the shares in Fenestra Utbildning AB. The acquired company is active in the educational market and operates independent schools through its subsidiaries. The acquisition will increase the net sales in the Anew Learning Group by approximately SEK 50 million.

Fenestra ( operates a preschool and two compulsory schools with approximately 700 children and pupils in Gothenburg. The schools are characterised by Montessori inspired teaching methods, modern information technology and a sound study environment. These operations will be integrated with Vittra, which since the start 1993 has developed a unique model that has great similarities with the pedagogic which has been the basis for the success of Fenestra.

Anew Learning is the largest group of independent schools in Sweden, today consisting of Vittra, IT-Gymnasiet, Framtidsgymnasiet and Rytmus. These operations provide education and care for more than 10,000 children and pupils and have a turnover of more than SEK 800 million on a yearly basis. The name Anew Learning and the present organisation were introduced in August 2007, but our operations have during more than 15 years created a solid infrastructure and significant knowledge on running schools with the highest quality.

Gothenburg, 11 September 2007

Bure Equity AB (publ)