Anew Learning takes over the UVS Gymnasium in Malmö/Burlöv and Kristianstad

Bure’s group of independent schools, Anew Learning, has today signed an agreement to take over UVS Gymnasium in Malmö/Burlöv and Kristianstad. The takeover secures a continued business operation and the situation for pupils and teachers. The group’s net sale will increase with about SEK 65 million. The agreement is conditioned by that the Swedish Agency for Education accepts the change of principal.

UVS ( has permission from the Swedish Agency for Education to operate high schools at several places in Sweden. The agreement regarding the takeover concerns the schools in Malmö/Burlöv and Kristianstad with about 600 pupils in total.

On 11 February, 2008, the UVS-group cancelled the payments and applied for a company restructure. Involved district courts appointed Ola Sellert at Ackordscentralen Malmö AB as company re-organizer. The takeover will secure the situation for the pupils as well as the teachers at the two high schools.

“We know that the two schools basically are well-functioning units with a high level of competence in the teaching staff and with motivated pupils. We can contribute with stability, competence and necessary resources to continue the development of the schools”, says Fredrik Mattsson, CEO Anew Learning.

The schools in Malmö/Burlöv and Kristianstad offer education within Vehicle, Industry, Construction and Social science. The operation will be integrated with Framtidsgymnasiet, which since the start successfully has developed a model and direction similar to the UVS high schools.

Anew Learning is the largest group of independent schools in Sweden, today consisting of Vittra, IT-Gymnasiet, Framtidsgymnasiet and Rytmus. These operations provide education and care for more than 11 500 children and pupils and have 1 200 co-workers.

Gothenburg, 27 March, 2008
Bure Equity AB (publ)