Announcement: Bure takes over the shares in AcadeMedia, Micronic, PartnerTech and Vitrolife

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has on January 27, 2010, registered the merger between Bure Equity AB (”Bure”) and Skanditek Industriförvaltning AB (”Skanditek”). The registration of the merger completes the merger process from a legal perspective and as a result Skanditek has been dissolved and all assets and liabilities transferred to Bure, including the shares in the listed companies AcadeMedia AB, Micronic Laser Systems AB, PartnerTech AB and Vitrolife AB. Consequently, Bure has taken over the below mentioned shares as per January 27, 2010. - AcadeMedia AB, 1,641,052 B-shares, 13.61% of capital and votes - Micronic Laser Systems AB, 24,805,523 shares, 38.00% of capital and votes - PartnerTech AB, 5,443,000 shares, 42.98% of capital and votes - Vitrolife AB, 5,578,245 shares, 28.53% of capital and votes Bure did not have any holdings in these companies before the merger. Stockholm, January 28, 2010 Bure Equity AB (publ) For additional information, please contact: Patrik Tigerschiöld, new CEO, phone +46 8-614 00 20 Andreas Berglin, Financial Manager, phone +46 8-614 00 29