Binding agreement signed between Bure and AcadeMedia for the merger of AcadeMedia and Anew Learning

Bure Equity AB (publ) (“Bure”) and AcadeMedia AB (publ) (“AcadeMedia”) have signed a final agreement for the merger of AcadeMedia and Bure-owned Anew Learning AB (“Anew Learning”). The two companies are already part of the same structure in that Bure controls 49.8% of the votes in AcadeMedia.

The merger will give rise to Sweden’s largest education company and provide the conditions for ongoing pedagogical development. At the same time it will ensure both operating quality and efficiency, thereby creating value for pupils, employees as well as for the shareholders.

The merged company will be called AcadeMedia AB (publ) and will continue to be headed by its current President Marcus Strömberg.

“The companies’ operations complement each other well. The existing brands in AcadeMedia and Anew Learning will be preserved, which is essential for successful integration of the two companies,” says Martin Henricson, President and CEO of Bure, who also states that it is very satisfying to now be able to finalise the merger.

“Both AcadeMedia and Anew Learning have many years of experience in the education industry and operation of schools. These are two very well managed organisations that are now joining forces. By drawing on the strengths of each company, we will secure and enhance freedom of choice for pupils and parents,” says Marcus Strömberg, President of AcadeMedia.

“The merger will make us a more attractive alternative for educators, teachers and instructors interested in working for an education company at the leading edge,” concludes Marcus Strömberg.

The merger is scheduled for completion at the end of October 2008. Holders of shares corresponding to 87.0% of the share capital and 91.6% of the votes in AcadeMedia, as well as 37.1% of the share capital and votes in Bure, intend to vote in favour of the Boards’ proposals at the upcoming extraordinary general meetings. Financially, the companies are expected to be consolidated as of 1 October 2008.

The merged company will be headquarted in Stockholm.

For additional and more detailed information about the merger, see separate appendix to this press release (see attached pdf-file) .

Göteborg, 18 September 2008
Bure Equity AB (publ)