Bure has now completed the sale of 25 per cent of its shareholding in Carnegie Investment Bank to the employees

In conjunction with the acquisition of Carnegie Investment Bank AB (“Carnegie”), a declaration of intent to diversify ownership was given to the employees of Carnegie. Altor and Bure have now completed the transaction and sold 25 per cent of their shares in Carnegie (ABCIB Holding AB) to some 250 Carnegie employees. The transaction was carried out at the same price that Altor and Bure paid when acquiring ABCIB Holding AB. The transaction generated about SEK 64 million in cash for Bure. The transaction has no effect on earnings in the Parent Company. After the diversification of ownership, Bure’s invested capital in Carnegie amounts to SEK 243 million, comprising SEK 210 million in shares and SEK 33 million in loans. In addition, Bure has undertaken to make a payment in April 2010 of SEK 184 million plus accrued interest, corresponding to Bure’s share (35 per cent), prior to the diversification of ownership, of the delayed base purchase consideration to the National Debt Office. This has been carried out through a conditional shareholder contribution to Carnegie in the same amount, which means that SEK 184 million will be repaid to Bure with priority rights in relation to the ordinary dividend in Carnegie. Background Altor Fund III and Bure Equity AB acquired the shares in Carnegie, a leading independent Nordic investment bank, from the National Debt Office on 19 May 2009. The acquisition took place via ABCIB Holding AB, a holding company newly established by Altor and Bure, Gothenburg, 14 December 2009 Bure Equity AB (publ) For more information, contact: Carl Backman, President, Bure Equity AB, tel. +46 31 708 64 59 Jonas Alfredson, CFO, Bure Equity AB, tel. +46 31 708 64 41