Bure subsidiary Mercuri acquires all shares in Celemi

Bure’s subsidiary Mercuri has acquired all outstanding shares in the business simulation company Celemi which includes Bures former part of shares.

Mercuri International Group AB acquires 100 per cent of shares in Celemiab Group AB for the amount of SEK 37 Million. For the past 10 years Bure has been a minority shareholder in Celemi, with 32.3 per cent of the shares.  The Transaction is financed by Bure and the preliminary capital gain in the parent company amounts to SEK 3 Million

The acquisition of the outstanding shares and subsequent integration with Mercuri will strengthen the Mercuri International group, which underwent extensive restructuring during 2010. The joining of Mercuri and Celemi will create significant added value through synergies in both the product and service offering and in their combined geographical market coverage.

"I welcome Celemi as part of the MI sphere and am convinced that this will further enhance our competitiveness and give us an offering that our competitors lack”, says Ola Strömberg, President of Mercuri International. For additional information, see the attached press release from Mercuri.

The transaction is expected to be completed in January, after which Celemi will be reported as part of the Mercuri International group.

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