Bure’s mandatory offer to acquire AcadeMedia

On 22 October 2007 Bure Equity AB (publ) (“Bure”) announced that the company had decided to make a public offer to acquire all outstanding shares in AcadeMedia AB (publ) (“AcadeMedia”) in accordance with the mandatory offer rules. Bure has, after obtaining further information, finally resolved that the Offer also should include all outstanding warrants issued by AcadeMedia.

The complete offer document will, as of today, be published in a Swedish language version and can be read at https://www.bure.se, and is also held available in a printed version at Bure Equity AB, Mässans Gata 8, 412 51 Gothenburg.


- For each share in AcadeMedia SEK 90 in cash is offered.
- The Offer corresponds to the closing price for the AcadeMedia share of class B on Friday 19 October 2007. There has been no reason to assume that the AcadeMedia share of class A should be valued differently than the share of class B.
- Based on the average closing price for the AcadeMedia share of class B for the 10 days preceding the announcement of the Offer, the bid price premium amounts to 5.9 per cent.
- For each warrant SEK 9.25 in cash is offered.
- The total value of the Offer amounts to MSEK 337.6.
- The acceptance period for the Offer runs from 19 November 2007 to 10 December 2007. Payment to the shareholders and owners of warrants is estimated to take place around 18 December 2007.

The financing of the Offer is made out of Bure's available cash and existing credit lines. Completion of the Offer is made unconditional.

Gothenburg, 15 November 2007
Bure Equity AB (publ)