Discussions regarding public offer between AcadeMedia and Providence

AcadeMedia states today in a press release that discussions regarding a public offer are being held with Providence, an American private equity firm. The discussions are being held between Providence and the board of AcadeMedia where Bure equity AB (“Bure”) is the largest shareholder with 13, 58 percent of the shares.

Providence has not made any public offering, but has indicated that this is likely to come. Bure has irrevocably undertaken to accept any such offer on the terms specified. As the largest shareholder, Bure have in the recent years played an important role in AcadeMedias development. Bure has been active in the education sector since 1999 when Bure acquired Vittra Education, now the largest activity within the AcadeMedia group. Through its strong position in the Swedish market, AcadeMedia have created a stable platform for further development and growth. “AcadeMedia has shown strong growth in recent years and the strategy the board and management have worked with has given good results. The company is the market leader in Sweden and now faces an important strategic issue of how to develop their business internationally. A owner like Providence, could help AcadeMedia develop in the international arena, which I think would be exiting both for AcadeMedia, and for the industry. AcadeMedias knowledgebase is certainly interesting beyond Sweden’s borders and as a representative of the company's largest shareholder I am pleased to note a significant and serious interest from Providence. Providence currently owns several companies active in the education sector and has shown great understanding of the importance of sustainability and financial strength with regard to activities in the sector.” said Patrik Tigerschiöld, CEO Bure. Stockholm April 6th, 2010 Bure Equity AB (publ) For additional information, please contact: Patrik Tigerschiöld, CEO Telephone +46 -8 -614 00 20 More information about Providence interest to make a public offer is available on AcadeMedias website www.academedia.se