Distribution of acquisition value between shares in Bure and AcadeMedia

During November 2008, Bure Equity AB distributed all the company's shares in AcadeMedia AB (publ) to the shareholders. The benefit for shareholders to receive shares in another company free of charge is placed on a par with a dividend. However, according to the provisions for state tax such dividend is tax-exempt subject to certain specified conditions. The National Tax Board has established that the aforementioned provision regarding tax-exemption is applicable to this distribution. Under such circumstances the proportion of the average acquisition value of the shares in Bure, which is equivalent to change in the market value as a consequence of the distribution, shall be regarded as acquisition value for the distributed shares in AcadeMedia.

The last day for trading shares in Bure with a right to distribution of shares in AcadeMedia was 11 November 2008, when the lowest price paid was SEK 31.20. The first day for trading shares in Bure without a right to distribution was 12 November 2008, when the lowest price paid was SEK 23.20. The National Tax Board has issued recommendations in its communication SKV A 2008:33 and announced that the acquisition value should be distributed as follows:

- Of the acquisition value for shares in Bure, 74 per cent should relate to these shares and 26 per cent to shares in AcadeMedia.

These recommendations will be applied from the 2009 assessment of tax.

The distribution meant that for each ten shares in Bure one share in AcadeMedia was distributed.

Göteborg, 15 December 2008
Bure Equity AB (publ)

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