Erda Technology makes a comeback in Bure

Erda Technology makes a comeback in Bure Erda Technology AB makes a comeback as an independent unit within Bure IT-solutions. This will be the result when Bure Equity acquires the current Framfab Technology AB from Framtidsfabriken AB. Framfab Technology AB is a unit which mainly consists of former Bure-owned consulting units. It includes Erda Technology which formed part of Guide when Framtidsfabriken acquired it from Bure during 2000. "Erda Technology represents a significant component in Bure's investment within technical IT consulting. The company is well run and has all the necessary qualities for developing positively with Bure as the principal owner," says Björn Boldt-Christmas, Senior Investment Manager, Bure. "We view Bure as a strong investor with considerable experience within our area of operation. We are convinced that the deal will give us opportunities to strengthen our positions within the technology-related consulting operations and will, therefore, enable us to make our customers an even better offer," says Olle Frimanson, President of Erda Technology AB. Erda Technology AB is a technical IT consulting company which involved with embedded systems and IP-based solutions in applications such as biotechnology and communications. Customers include several of the largest companies in Sweden. The company is profitable and has 51 employees. Erda Technology has offices in Linköping, Uppsala and Stockholm. Gothenburg, 10 May 2001 Bure Equity AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Björn Boldt-Christmas, Senior Investment Manager, Bure +46 31-335 76 85 Johanna Pettersson, Public Relations Officer, Bure +46 31-335 76 33 Olle Frimanson, President, Erda Technology +46 18-430 01 01 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: