Extraordinary General Meeting of Bure Equity AB (publ)

The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of Bure Equity AB held on 11 December 2008 dealt with the following:

Decision on a redemption programme of maximum SEK 1,007M
The EGM authorised the Board to implement an optional redemption programme amounting to no more than SEK 1,006,976,160. The final size of the redemption programme is depending on to which extent the company's shareholders will accept the offer.

The redemption programme will be carried out through an offer to the shareholders, which will have reached the shareholders around 22 December 2008. For each share in Bure the holder will receive one redemption right and five (5) redemption rights are required for two (2) share in Bure. The redemption amount for each share will be SEK 30. The final application date for redemption will be 23 January 2009 and payment is expected to be made on 13 February 2009.

As a consequence of the redemption programme the EGM decided to authorise the Board to increase the company’s share capital through a bonus issue with an amount at least equal to the amount of reduction, albeit not more than SEK 120,040,000, through the transfer of not more than SEK 120,040,000 from non-restricted equity. No new shares shall be issued in connection with the increase in share capital.

Göteborg, 12 December 2008
Bure Equity AB (publ)

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