Bure Equity AB’s Nominating Committee proposes that the Annual General Meeting to be held on 3 May 2018 re-elects the sitting Board members Patrik Tigerschiöld (chairman), Carl Björkman, Bengt Engström, Charlotta Falvin, Sarah McPhee and Mathias Uhlén. Hans Biörck has declined re-election.

The Nominating Committee’s other proposals – election of a chairman at the Annual General Meeting, determination of Board of Directors’ fees, instructions to the Nominating Committee and appointment of the Nominating Committee – will be publicized in the notice to the Annual General Meeting.

Bure’s Nominating Committee appointees include Per Björkman (Chairman), appointed the Björkman family, Erik Durhan, appointed by Nordea Investment Funds and Patrik Tigerschiöld, appointed by the Tigerschiöld family. The Nominating Committee has been appointed according to the instructions from the Annual General Meeting in 2017.

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