Interim Report Jan-Mar 2008

Ongoing concentration in educational sector, healthy growth in portfolio companies

- Bure’s share in EBITA of the portfolio companies rose to SEK 67M (63) excluding exit gains.
- EBITA including exit gains was SEK 139M (63).
- The Parent Company’s profit after tax was SEK 12M (399).
- Equity per share in the Parent Company was SEK 28.12 (29.01).
- Consolidated profit amounted to SEK 112M (764). Profit excluding sold units was SEK 112M (109).
- Fully diluted earnings per share were SEK 1.21 (7.11).
- Consolidated operating profit including discontinued operations was SEK 107M (760). In continuing operations, operating profit was SEK 107M (105).
- In the first quarter Bure repurchased 585,000 shares for a total value of SEK 20M.
- In January 2008 Bure announced ambitions to concentrate its holdings in the educational sector over the coming 12-month period and review the company’s capital structure.
- Bure’s subsidiary Citat sold Appelberg Publishing Group, generating an exit gain in the Bure group of SEK 43M.
- At the end of March, Bure’s educational group Anew Learning took over UVS Gymnasium in Malmö/Kristianstad. UVS will be consolidated in the group from 1 of April.

- No significant events have taken place after the end of the reporting period.

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Göteborg, 23 April 2008
Bure Equity AB (publ)