Lennart Svantesson resigns as President of Bure

Lennart Svantesson has resigned as President of Bure. He will remain as President until the Annual General Meeting in April, or until a successor has been appointed. Lennart Svantesson will continue to be linked to Bure as he will remain Chairman of Bure’s major portfolio companies: Carl Bro, Systeam, Mercuri and Vittra, and as Board Member of Scribona, initially up to and including the 2006 Annual General Meetings. Lennart Svantesson took over as President of Bure Equity AB in March 2003 when Bure was in an acute financial crisis.

”Through his extensive industrial experience, Lennart has made a crucial contribution to Bure by guiding the company through the crisis and leading it to its current position. I am pleased that he has accepted the offer to remain as Chairman of Bure’s largest companies and I look forward to our continued collaboration,” says Patrik Tigerschiöld, Chairman of Bure. Lennart Svantesson says, ”It has been a very exciting and stimulating task to lead Bure back to financial stability and we have, in principle, achieved our main target of making Bure debt-free. We have also improved the results of the portfolio companies and created a good platform for the future by consolidating the company portfolio. I am confident that this is an appropriate time for me to resign as President, which I am doing so that I can take on other assignments. In particular, I am looking forward to taking a more proactive role as Chairman and partner of the expanding pleasure craft company, Viamare Boats, which has contributed to my decision”. Gothenburg, 29 November 2004 Bure Equity AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Patrik Tigerschiöld, Chairman +46 707-77 71 90 Lennart Svantesson, President and CEO +46 733-11 00 11