New Board Members in Bure

New Board Members in Bure The Nomination Committee of Bure proposes that the Annual General Meeting, which will be held on 23 April, will elect Ulf Berg, Björn Björnsson and Håkan Larsson as Board Members. It also proposes re- election of Gösta Wiking, Erling Gustafsson, Maria Lilja and Peter Sandberg. Hans Wilandh and Leif Edvinsson will not stand for re- election. Ulf Berg born 1951 - President of Ericsson AB Other directorships: Chalmersinvest, Saab Ericsson Space AB, Chalmers Lindholmen Teknikpark AB, EHPT Sweden AB. Björn Björnsson born 1946 - Own consulting company in the financial sector Other directorships : B&N Nordsjöfrakt AB, Billerud AB, JM AB, Salus Ansvar AB, Öhman Kapitalförvaltning AB, Visavi AB. Håkan Larsson born 1947 - CEO of Schenker AG, Germany Other directorships: B&N Nordsjöfrakt AB, Scribona AB, Platzer Fastigheter AB, Ahlsells AB, Schenker AB. The Nomination Committee has included Christer Mattsson - KP Pension, Caroline af Ugglas - Skandia and Ola Uhre - Orkla ASA, who represent shareholders with a total holding of more than 45 per cent of the shares of the company. During the year, Jan-Erik Erenius of AMF Pension resigned from the Nomination Committee. Gothenburg, 25 March 2002 Bure Equity AB (publ) ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: