Outcome of Bure’s redemption procedure

The shareholders in Bure Equity AB (publ) (“Bure”) have presented 4,317,740 shares in Bure for redemption through the redemption offer that expired on 27 May 2011.
A total cash amount of SEK 164.1 million will be distributed to the shareholders, which is equal to SEK 38.00 per redeemed share.

Participation in the redemption offer
The redemption offer included a total of 4,482,286 shares in Bure. At the end of the application period the shareholders had presented 4,317,740 shares in Bure for redemption, which corresponds to an acceptance rate of 96.3 per cent. After completion of the redemption offer, the total number of outstanding shares and votes in Bure will amount to 85,327,987.

Trading in redemption shares and reporting of redemption amount
Trading in redemption shares is intended to commence on 7 June 2011 and end on 14 June 2011. The redemption shares will be redeemed in exchange for a cash amount of SEK 38.00 per redemption share, whereby a total amount of SEK 164.1 million will be paid for the redeemed shares around 22 June 2011.

Commission-free sale
In the commission-free sale of redemption rights, the average sales proceeds amounted to SEK 0.20 per redemption right. Settlement for the redemption rights sold through the the commission-free sale are intended to be reported to the affected shareholders around 7 June 2011.

Bure Equity AB (publ)

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