Permission to implement the merger between Bure and Skanditek granted by the Swedish Companies Registration Office

The Swedish Companies Registration Office (the “SCRO”) has granted Bure Equity AB (“Bure”) and Skanditek Industriförvaltning AB (“Skanditek”) permission to implement the merger plan between the two companies. The SCRO is expected to register the merger on January 27, 2010. In connection to the registration of the merger, Skanditek will be dissolved and all assets and liabilities will be transferred to Bure. As a consequence of SCRO’s permission and the registration of the merger, as described above, Skanditek will be delisted from NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. The last day of trading in Skanditek’s shares on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm will be on January 22, 2010. Subject to the delisting of Skanditek and that the SCRO registers the merger as described above, those who are shareholders in Skanditek as of January 27, 2010, (record date for the merger) will receive 3 (three) new shares in Bure for four (4) shares in Skanditek. The new shares will be available on the shareholders’ accounts on January 28, 2010, and as of that day trading in the new Bure shares will be possible. Trading in the currently outstanding Bure shares will not be impacted by the merger process. In connection to the merger, the previously announced special dividend of approximately SEK 478 million, corresponding to SEK 9.50 per share, will be paid to Bure’s shareholders. Subject to the registration of the merger on January 27, 2010, by the SCRO, those who are shareholders in Bure as of January 25, 2010, will receive payment on January 28, 2010. Gothenburg, January 19, 2010 Bure Equity AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Håkan Larsson, Vice Chairman, phone +46 31-708 64 00 Carl Backman, CEO, phone +46 31-708 64 59