Staff warrant scheme in Bure Equity

Staff warrant scheme in Bure Equity Bure Equity AB's ("Bure") Board of Directors has today decided to launch a warrant scheme for the company's staff. The scheme comprises a total of 750,000 warrants, equivalent to approximately 0.7 per cent of the company's outstanding shares. The President has been allocated 80,000 warrants, other senior executives 50,000 shares each, other key personnel 10,000-30,000 warrants each, and other staff 1,500-2,000 warrants each. The duration of the warrants is five years with an opportunity to exercise the warrants after an initial three-year lock-in period. The offer is, in principal, conditional on the terms of employment remaining in force at that time. The exercise price for the warrants has been set at SEK 36, equivalent to 110 per cent of the average volume-weighted price of the Bure share on the OM Stockholm Exchange over a period of 15 trading days prior to the allocation. In order to secure the delivery of the shares and to cover the social security contributions which will arise as a result of the scheme, the company has made an agreement with a Swedish bank for a so-called share derivative arrangement. This ensures that no dilution effect will arise for the company's shareholders in connection with the scheme. The share derivative arrangement is not expected to generate any net cost for Bure. Gothenburg, 28 June 2001 Bure Equity AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Benny Averpil, Chief Financial Officer +46 31-335 76 47 +46 708-63 54 07 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: