SYSteam is preparing an introduction at the stock exchange in Stockholm

The board of directors in SYSteam has decided to investigate the conditions for an introduction of the company at the stock exchange in Stockholm. The quotation is estimated to take place during 2006. The board of directors in Systeam and Bure Equity AB have engaged Handelsbanken Capital Markets as a financial consultant.

Bure Equity is the owner of 46 per cent of SYSteam, the founders own 44 per cent and the personnel own approximately 10 per cent. SYSteam is a provider of IT consultancy services for small and medium-sized enterprises and Global Resource Planning (ERP), systems development and management for large companies. The Group has around 1 050 employees and is established in all the Nordic countries, of which 50 locations are in Sweden. The head office is located in Husqvarna. Caroline Rosén and Svante Runnqvist were elected to the Board of directors at the Annual General Meeting in January 24, in 2006. Caroline Rosén has a wide experience from group executive board communication in listed companies and for the time being she is running her own consultancy. Svante Runnquist has an extensive industrial experience, whereof many years internationally in the Volvo Group. The latest operational position he had was as CEO at VSM Group (former Husqvarna Symaskiner). Gothenburg, 25 January 2006 Bure Equity AB (publ) For additional information, please contact: Mikael Nachemson, President Tel +46-31 708 64 20 Anders Mörck, CFO Tel +46-706 46 52 11