Year-End Report 2001

Year-End Report 2001 High rate of investment and four new hub companies set up The net asset value amounted to SEK 4,025M or SEK 38 per share. Adjusted for dividends, the net asset value fell by 23 per cent during the year. Investments amounted to SEK 1,276M and four new hub companies were established. Investments for the fourth quarter were SEK 744M. Satisfactory development for the hub companies in a weak economy. The parent company's profit after tax amounted to SEK 74M. Exit results amounted to SEK 590M. During the year, the shareholders' total yield was -7 per cent compared with -17 for the SAX index. The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of SEK 1.75 per share and a renewal of the buy-back scheme. TELEPHONE CONFERENCES ON 20 FEBRUARY, 2002 In Swedish At 11 am today, 20 February 2002, a telephone conversation will take place in Swedish with the President, Peter Sandberg and the Chief Financial Officer, Benny Averpil. Journalists and professionals in the capital markets are invited to take part. You can participate by telephoning +44 20 8240 8240, quoting "Bure". In English The conference will also take place in English at 11.30 am (GMT+1). You can participate by telephoning +44 20 8240 8241, quoting "Bure". Subsequent events: The net asset value at 18 February 2002 amounted to SEK 37.50 per share. At the end of January, Bure acquired 16 per cent of the capital in the merged Teleca/AU-System. Introduction During 2001, Bure completed the period of consolidation, exits and significant dividends and distributions to the shareholders which started in 2000. The period ended with the listing of Dimension in February 2001 and the distribution of the holdings in Observer in April 2001. An intensive period of investment was initiated in parallel with these activities. The number of hub companies, i.e. companies which, through business development and supplementary acquisition, are intended to develop into market leaders within their sectors, were increased from six to ten through acquisition. New hub companies within investment area IT Solutions & Services are Carl Bro, Svenska PA and Xdin. Within InfoMedia, Bure has created a hub area, Business Communication Group, within the business communication sector through its acquisition of Appelberg, Journalistgruppen and Stark. The objective is to increase the number of hub companies still further during 2002 and 2003. During the year, activities with the portfolio companies were primarily focused on improving effectiveness through cost savings and also on giving the companies a sound starting position ahead of an anticipated upturn in the economy. For further information, please contact Peter Sandberg, President +46 31 - 335 76 35 Benny Averpil, Chief Financial Officer +46 31 - 335 76 47 Iréne Axelsson, Head of Corporate Communications +46 31 - 335 76 32 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: The full year-end report The full year-end report