Year-end report 2006

Successful performance provides scope for new investments and capital distribution to the shareholders

– The Parent Company’s profit after tax strengthened to SEK 846M (337) for the year and to SEK 209M (28) for the fourth quarter.

– Equity per share after full dilution (discounted value) was SEK 2.63 (1.90).

– Consolidated net profit improved to SEK 885M (544) for the year and SEK 134M (141) for the fourth quarter. Earnings per share after full dilution were SEK 0.72 (0.46) for the year and SEK 0.12 (0.11) for the fourth quarter.

– Consolidated operating profit including discontinued operations reached SEK 885M (648) for the year and SEK 81M (152) for the fourth quarter. Operating profit in continuing operations was SEK 140M (460) for the year and SEK 53M (67) for the fourth quarter.

– Bure sold its entire holding in Carl Bro, providing a capital gain of SEK 618M. The purchase consideration consisted of SEK 845M in cash and a 6.1 per cent shareholding in the Netherlands-based engineering consultancy Grontmij.

– In October Bure acquired all the shares in IT Gymnasiet Sverige and Framtidsgymnasiet for SEK 81M.

– During the autumn, Bure announced plans to carry out a one-time capital distribution of SEK 1,400M in 2007 through a voluntary redemption programme combined with the repurchase of shares and warrants.

– Energo was acquired in December and through a merger with Bure-owned Retea will form a strong, new engineering consultancy.


– In January 2007 Bure repurchased 50,000,000 warrants for a value of SEK 128M.

– Bure completed in January 2007 the sale of its holding in Cygate to TeliaSonera generating proceeds of more than SEK 630M.

– The sale of Bure’s holding in Systeam to Norway-based ErgoGroup was completed in February 2007,

generating proceeds of around SEK 450M.

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Gothenburg, 23 February 2007

Bure Equity AB (publ)

Year-end report 2006

Complete Year-End Report 2006