Patrik Tigerschiöld, Chairman of the Board of Bure Equity, wins ‘Guldklubban’ 2020

November 30, 2020

Guldklubban (the “Golden Gavel”) for outstanding performance in chairmanship is awarded to Patrik Tigerschiöld of Bure Equity AB in the listed companies category and to Karl-Eric Andersson of Derome AB in the unlisted companies category.

The justification for awarding Guldklubban to Patrik Tigerschiöld, Bure Equity AB, states that Patrik personified the investment company Bure, whose ownership philosophy is based on a deep long-term engagement. Since taking over as Chairman of the Board in spring 2013, Bure has demonstrated an outstanding development of value. Diversity on the Board is important to Patrik Tigerschiöld for the creation of valuable discussion. He represents an inclusive and supportive leadership that lifts individuals in his environment.