Bure's view of sustainability

For Bure, sustainability is about creating long-term value from economic, social, and environmental perspectives.

We have the most significant impact on sustainability through the capital we invest and as responsible holdings owners. By developing sustainable operations, we create long-term value ​​and business resilience. We are proud to invest in companies that are pioneers in sustainable businesses, and we have ambitious goals to promote sustainable development in our portfolio companies.

Overall, Bure's sustainability work is governed by an internal framework decided on by the Bure board. The framework reflects the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and, together with Bure's Responsible Ownership and Investment Policy, Code of Conduct, Environmental Policy, and Whistleblower Policy, sets guidelines for us as a responsible company, owner, and employer.

The Bure board is ultimately responsible for sustainability work conducted in Bure and for approving the Sustainability Report, sustainability policy, risk analysis and strategic decisions. Bure's CFO is responsible for implementing strategic decisions. Bure's board representatives in the portfolio companies are responsible for driving the companies’ sustainability issues at board level and reporting their work to the Bure board.

A driving force for sustainable development in our portfolio companies

Through our board representation, we drive sustainability work forward in our portfolio companies, incorporate relevant policies, and ensure that operations are conducted responsibly and ethically. We have compiled our work in an internal framework based on three different levels of ESG maturity. The purpose of the internal framework is to support Bure's board representatives in driving the sustainability agenda in the portfolio companies. We have high expectations for sustainable development in our holdings and continuously follow up on the sustainability work through our board representatives.

Sustainability as an integral aspect of our investment process

Analysis of sustainability risks and opportunities is integrated into our investment process. Our analyses start with how the companies relate to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, our internal sustainability framework, and Bure's Responsible Ownership and Investment Policy and exclusion criteria.

As an investment company, Bure has a key role in the transition to a sustainable economy. We are responsible owners and can make a real difference. We push sustainability issues forward in our portfolio companies and want to own companies that take sustainability seriously. We strive to be best in class regarding climate footprint.

Henrik Blomquist, CEO

The way ahead

We carefully follow the latest developments in sustainability and new regulations regarding sustainability at EU level. In 2022, we conducted a materiality analysis to clarify focus areas for our sustainability work and prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). At the same time, we continue to focus on our internal sustainability work and to further strengthen our role as responsible owners. The most effective way to drive sustainability forward is through the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience between us and our portfolio companies.

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