About Bure

Bure was founded in 1992 from the winding up of Sweden’s wage earner investment funds and was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 1993. Our goal is to create value and returns for our shareholders by actively developing a diversified portfolio of professionally managed companies and businesses.

Bure’s operations

The cornerstones of our business model are in-depth engagement and a strong presence in the portfolio companies. In this way, we build up extensive expertise in the industries in which our portfolio companies operate. Our current portfolio includes several companies with which we have been involved for a long time and to which we have contributed to successful development.

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Our team

Our employees are our greatest asset. We say it often and for good reason. The engagement and knowledge of our employees drives us forward. We invest in our employees to create a multifaceted work environment and maximise the individual potential of each employee.

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Board of Directors

All members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and serve a one-year term of office from the AGM until the end of the next AGM. Under the Articles of Association, the Bure Board of Directors is to consist of no fewer than five and a maximum of nine board members.

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Our experience is that companies in different stages of maturity require different types of leadership to create success over time. We do not think there is one kind of leadership that fits all. This fact places demands on us as principal owners to be constantly responsive and willing to embrace change through continuous assessment of the type of leadership required by our portfolio companies.

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