Bure’s operations

The starting point for Bure's business model is the ownership philosophy that has emerged over our 25-year history. The ownership philosophy is based on a deep commitment and high presence in the portfolio companies. In this way, we build up great expertise about the industries in which our portfolio companies operate. In today's portfolio there are several companies where we have been involved for a long time and contributed to a successful development. Overall, our ownership philosophy is based on the following foundation stones:

Based on long-term

Long-termism is an important ingredient for successfully building successful companies. Short-term speculation can lead to wrong decisions in the portfolio companies in the long term. Daring to invest, be patient and show respect creates good conditions to succeed in building industrially successful companies and thus significant values. Building in the long term should not be associated with working slowly. On the contrary, long-term work places greater demands on procedural work and business follow-up, which builds structural capital and competitive advantages.

Commitment and responsibility

As the main owner, we work according to a clear agenda with a focus on each holding's long-term business strategy and value drivers. This requires Bure to have a high presence in the portfolio companies, mainly through active board work. With ownership comes responsibility. In Bure's Code of Conduct, we have formulated how we view responsible behaviour and ownership, which we strive for our portfolio companies to respect. The Code of Conduct contains clear commitments regarding, among other things, ethics, human rights and labour law issues and environmental impact.

Custom leadership

Our experience is that companies in different stages of maturity require different types of leadership to create success over time. We do not think there is one kind of leadership that fits all. This fact places demands on us as principal owners to be constantly responsive and willing to embrace change through continuous assessment of the type of leadership required by our portfolio companies.

Financial strength

A good owner possesses financial strength and capacity to always be able to support and help their portfolio companies achieve their set goals.