Sustainability at Bure

Bure is an investment entity that was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 1993. Our goal is to create value and returns for our shareholders by actively developing a diversified portfolio of professionally managed companies and businesses. The cornerstones of our business model are in-depth engagement and a strong presence in the portfolio companies. Our current portfolio includes several companies with which we have been involved for a long time and to which we have contributed to their successful development.

We are convinced that there is a clear link between sustainability and long-term value creation. Bure has the goal of promoting sustainable development and creating awareness of sustainability issues at all levels in the Group.

Bure also has a significant influence over the companies in which it is a stakeholder and works actively through board representation to ensure that relevant policies are established for each company and that the business is conducted in a responsible and ethical manner.

The Bure Board has agreed on an internal framework that sets the guidelines for how Bure is to act as a responsible company, owner and employer and reflects the ten principles of the Global Compact. The Bure Board has therefore adopted and established our Code of Conduct, which along with the Responsible Ownership and Investment Policy, the Environmental Policy and the Whistleblower Policy, establishes guidelines for how Bure is to act as a responsible company, owner and employer.

Materiality analysis

In spring of 2022, Bure conducted an in-depth materiality analysis with Bure employees and external stakeholders, including shareholders, portfolio companies and other stakeholders. The analysis resulted in a matrix presenting the most significant internal and external sustainability issues faced by Bure.

Policies, Sustainability and the GRI Index