Distribution and repurchase of own shares

One of Bure’s foremost goals is to generate a high and sustainable total return for Bure’s shareholders. Bure uses a number of shareholder-friendly measures that enable the shareholders to benefit from the value of Bure’s assets above and beyond the stock market’s valuation of the Bure share. Cash dividends entail the distribution of cash, while company distributions involve the distribution of shares in a specific company to the shareholders. Since 1993, Bure has distributed SEK 3.6Bn in cash as well as shares in the companies Capio, Observer (later Cision) and AcadeMedia for a value of SEK 5.2Bn on the distribution date – a total of SEK 8.6Bn.

Other types of distributions include share redemptions and share buybacks. In simple terms, this increases the value of the remaining shares. Over the years, Bure has carried out redemption procedures and buybacks of shares and warrants for SEK 3.6Bn.

Since the start, Bure has thus distributed a total of more than SEK 12.5Bn to its shareholders.

Cash dividend for the fiscal year 2019

The Annual General Meeting, held on 6 May 2021, resolved to approve an ordinary dividend of SEK 2.00 per share. The payment is expected to take place on 14 June 2021 through Euroclear Sweden’s care.

Recent resolution regarding authorisation to repurchase shares

The Annual General Meeting held on 11 June 2020 authorised the Board of Directors, up to the date of the 2020 Annual General Meeting, to repurchase shares. Following the repurchase, the company may hold no more than 10 per cent of all shares in the company. Repurchased shares are intended to be cancelled at the Annual General Meeting in 2021.