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Key figures 2022

Bure: Greenhouse gas emissions, tonnes CO2e

1) Scope 1 refers to direct emissions from operations (e.g., production in own factories). In Bure’s case, these are 0
2) Scope 2 is energy purchased for Bure’s operations, including electricity, heating and cooling. Bure's Scope 2 emissions calculated using the market-based method amounted to 0.9 tCO2.
3) Scope 3 includes emissions from Bure's business travels and portfolio companies Scope 1 and 2 emissions based on Bure's ownership stakes. Emissions from Bure's business travel increased significantly in 2023 due to a normal- isation in travel patterns following the covid-19 pandemic. Emissions calculated according to the GHG Protocol. Emission factors: DEFRA (2023), AIB (2022), NTM (2018), HFT (2023).

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